What goods can I return / exchange?

Response: If the item does not meet your expectations, or you want to change the size, it is of course possible to send the item back for a return or exchange, you have 14 days to decide from the time you receive your order. Panties are hygiene items and these must be completely unopened in the original packaging for us to be able to approve the return.


Can I change an item if I regret it?

Response:  To make a return or exchange, contact our customer service / they will help you and send out a return slip and return label.

Remember that you as the customer are responsible for the return until we have received and registered it, so always save your return receipt. It can sometimes take up to 14 days for a return to come back to us and be processed at our warehouse.

There is a return postage of SEK 49 when you choose to make a return. Replacements are of course free of charge.


Do you have a store?

Answer: No Tushie is only a webshop.


What do I do if an item is broken / damaged when I receive it?

Answer: If a product is faulty or damaged, contact our customer service / so that together we can solve the problem.


How do I know which size to choose?

Answer: There is a size guide under the tab "The perfect fit " there we explain how to calculate your size using our table.

We print the size and dimensions of our products. We can also write if the product is small or large for its size. Measure carefully before ordering. If you end up between two sizes, it is generally recommended that you choose the larger size. If you are unsure, it is better to email us before ordering so we can guide you to the right size.


The bra straps cut into the shoulders and leave red marks, why?

Answer: The largest support should always be on the strap around the body and not on the straps over the shoulders. If the straps cut into the shoulders, it is probably because you have an oversized circumference size, so you should go down one size. Alternatively, you may simply just need to loosen the shoulder straps.


I have problems using your website, what should I do?

1. Delete your cookies
In some cases, you may need to delete your cookies (which is a small innocent file that is temporarily spread on your computer so that we can know who you are until the next time you visit our website). NOTE! If you delete your cookies, the items that you may have already put in the basket will disappear. You can delete your cookies under "tools" or "history" in your browser. You can also try opening your browser in "incognito mode".

2. Restart your browser
Close your browser after deleting your cookies and open it again.

If you still have problems with the website after steps 1 and 2, do not hesitate to contact our customer service /

- take screenshots of the error messages you have received and it will be easier for us to help you solve the problem.